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Repeating numbers are universal patterns and hidden messages. Start Your Personalized Video Below. Your First Name 1. Your date of birth is used to calculate your Life Path Number and helps us deliver a more personalized and accurate reading. Your Gender 1 Male Female.

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  • Birthdate Numerology – numbers derived from our birth date.

Soul Urge Number. Sanskrit is the language spoken by the gods to mankind. Of course, a very large part of the world's people do not know Sanskrit and that is just fine.

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  4. However, it is important to go into what the word given to the child means in Sanskrit - does it have any negative meaning. The main task of parents is to reduce the negative factors in choosing a name. We recommend using the spokensanskrit. For example, parents give the name to a child - Kali. One of forms of Kaali is a sexually dissatisfied woman.

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    All these energies will lie on the bearer of the word. So be very careful with the choice of names. It is very complicated mathematics. Better leave this for online software to do.

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    Use our calculator to find best name for your baby. What is common to numerology and astrology? Moon calendar - days and their numerological meaning.

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