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The most common systems are Placidus and Equal House. Both systems and any other system worth considering have the AC as the cusp of the 1st House. I have the impression that Placidus is the most commonly used House system. Me, I prefer Equal House, for a number of reasons.

What you should do, though, is to compare the two systems on your horoscope, and decide for yourself which one fits you the best. Planet symbols glyphs. Planets and points to include are numerous, if you allow them all. Some use Chiron, a celestial body discovered in , and some add asteroids, fixed stars, mathematically calculated points, and so on. Which ones to use?

The ones you are familiar with and have found valuable to include. Again, use your own horoscope as a guinea pig to reach your own conclusions. I recommend that you start with only the twelve of the list above. They are a handful to interpret, so you are in no hurry to complicate your horoscope additionally, before being well acquainted with them.

Astrology~ Horoscopes ~ by Tim Stephens

Aspects and their orbs have their default values in any horoscope computer program, but most of them allow for the user to adjust these values. There are five basic aspects, used already by Ptolemy: Aspect symbols glyphs : conjunction, opposition, trine, square, sextile. Me, I stick with Ptolemy. The orb is the number of degrees allowed for an angle to be marked as an aspect in the horoscope. Of course, the bigger the orb, the more aspects in a horoscope.

It is common for astrologers to use different orbs for different aspects - a big one to the strongest aspects, the conjunction and opposition, and a small one to the weakest, the sextile. In any case: an aspect is more important if it is closer to exact. I do so, because you tend to look at relations between planets anyway - whether they are actually in aspect or not - so you need to have the close ones pointed out clearly.

No need to make a cobweb of the chart. Zodiac sign symbols glyphs. Zodiac signs , star signs, are the most well-known components of the horoscope. Aries is the sign the sun enters at the Spring Equinox - in past times this was regarded as the beginning of the year. Your own star sign is simply the sign where the sun was at the time of your birth.

Of course, the other planets and points of the horoscope can be in any other Zodiac sign. The above are the central components of astrology and the horoscope. Be cautious. Partners have needs as well as desires, some of which need your immediate attention. You will indulge in luxury despite a shortage of money. This will be a busy day and all of it will be on your feet.

Your family members will be supportive and loving. Scorpio sign people will continue to feel tensed about their financial condition. This might keep you edgy and in a foul mood as you may feel that despite your hard work, you are suffering. A headache is very likely to bother so there is no harm in taking precautions.

Students will feel elated with their learning and performance. A new assignment or a project may be offered to you. It will be otherwise an eventless day. Do not use immoral means to get your way or to even score a point. Sagittarius sign people fill find the later part of the day easier than the morning, the reason being too much work and difficult conditions.

Your own horoscope

You may not be left with any energy after a few hours. Money shall not be a problem today. You will emerge as an impressive person at work. It is good to spend time with young people and children as they bring a fresh perspective to life. Love and romance is indicated in the stars from expected as well as unexpected quarters. Capricorn sign people will be blessed with auspicious planetary aspects which shall bring fortune, good and happiness.

Traders will have to just be more sociable with people who are either vendors or suppliers. Deal with your responsibilities especially, towards family members early on: if you postpone, things will become chaotic and clumsy. Exhaustion will characterise your day but once midday has been and gone, there will be some relief. No doubt you prefer to talk direct and openly but this may not be a good strategy for today. There will be an inflow of money.

Aquarius sign people will be able to accomplish all their tasks with a sense of aplomb. A favourable stroke of luck will be like a solid backbone against all odds.

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Difficult romantic encounters are in the stars. Domestic considerations will dominate your thought and concern and child will need your help. You need to get on with your exercise schedule seriously. Do not give unsolicited advice or opinion. Deal with money matters with a sense of priority.

Pisces sign people will be relaxed about money the reason being blessings of the monetary stars. You may get mental concerns and this may increase. If you're studying for an advanced degree, you might speed up your learning process.

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Disturbing dreams don't have to ruin your waking days! Just because you had some night visions that were somewhat confusing or frightening doesn't mean that they. It indicates all their splendor, do not hide anything, his good gust of wind will be to you still more beneficial if one is as it is. Answer by cerebral assassin water signs are the most compatible for scorpio,followed by earth signs and the least compatible is fire signs. Your Luck Factor is 7.

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Aug 17, All eyes are on you right now, and you're positively radiant. Read our free daily horoscope for Scorpio, all about Scorpio character traits, best love matches, best jobs, and more. Daily Scorpio horoscope by Astrowow. All here now for free!. Tomorrow's horoscopes. Reading to start planning for the year ahead? The Horoscopes are now available! A pure form of energy. Scorpio Oct. Tomorrow's Horoscope For Scorpio Tomorrow: Saturday - August 03, Aug 3, Having control of other people's money will cause you much more stress than handling your own money will right now, so avoid getting involved in any type of financial ownership if at all possible!.

Scorpions often have a great deal of magnetism. The astrological symbol of Scorpio is the Scorpion, an animal which is soft inside but protected by a hard shell, two hard pincers, and a tail with a poisoned. Scorpio August 22nd, True and accurate predictions.