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The Scorpio father personality traits show he has a sound reasoning faculty which is balanced by his sentiments. You are an expert in deciphering what is going on in the minds of other people and treating your kids with compassion. All your thinking and deeds are driven by a powerful intention. Whatever you lay your hands on, you will put your best effort to complete it.

Your associations with people will be thriving, strong and permanent, or they fail to take off. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. The Scorpio father traits show he is highly compatible with a Pisces daughter in general. Both are bound together by their traits of sensitivity, creativity and instinct. Pisces daughter feels secure and important by the way her father brings her up. She attracts her Scorpio father by her qualities of strong brain power , imagination and bravery.

The Scorpio father personality traits show that when you learn that you are going to be a father, you are emotionally ready to receive your offspring. The Scorpio father characteristics show you look for a huge potential in your child for the future. Your child on arrival to this world is nurtured to the best of your capacity. You start inculcating the qualities of vigor, liberty and order in your child gradually. Virgo seeks perfection in every little thing, while Scorpio insists on going beyond "very good" to "excellent" in every facet of life.

Together, you have the big picture AND the little details covered. Things will go more smoothly, though, if Virgo is willing to let Scorpio have the last word on most major decisions. You will command respect from their brood, and give it back in return -- as long as they live up to your great expectations. Do you think personal issues might be interfering with your ability to maintain a healthy relationship? Scorpio and Libra are two totally different kinds of parents.

1. They're Super Secretive

Libra likes to let things ride, and often will avoid confrontation because it disturbs the peace they needs. Scorpio will do this not only to children, but also to the Libra co-parent. As long as you two understand your individual personalities as well as the nature of your relationship, you should be rather successful as parents. Scorpio obviously makes the better disciplinarian, but Libra will often have to step in to settle the inevitable struggles between parent and child.

Your children can expect to learn much from watching your relationship, and you they can come from two totally different places and still achieve love and harmony. Your might as well give up on any idea they might have of getting away with the smallest act! The problem here might be that, while the you two attempt to do that, you might forget about the simple, everyday things children love. You will both need to remember to play and be open to letting your children make some decisions here and there.

Trying to control children too much will almost always lead to rebellion, even at a young age. As a Scorpio and Sagittarius you will have to do some work to blend your widely different parenting styles. Scorpio will try to control the child and his or her environment, while Sagittarius will want the child to experiment with virtually every available adventure. Both of you will be equally insistent about doing things your own way, too. You can avoid this by keeping your discussions between the two of you.

This will be especially important when discipline comes into play.

Scorpio Father – Positive Personality Traits

You must enforce rules at all costs. Ignite your personal power! Check out our Revelation Tarot reading for the guidance you need for a breakthrough. She will challenge you in ways you never thought possible! But, she will also love you — fiercely! He is 5 and everyday seems like a power struggle! But never a dull moment in my house!

Apologies for the tardy reply. Was away at a master mediumship development workshop with the incredible Janet Nohavec! Will you kindly clarify this? Her older Brother 3 is a Sagittarius and daddy is a Taurus. Her relationship with her brother is good and she is the boss of the house. How can we get her to like her daddy more?

Scorpio Relationship

And maybe not be so dependent on me? Still am. But their parents are who they most want to love them! So, fighting makes a Scorpio fearful that the parent will love them a little less and that just causes a whole other issue. Bottom line, with Scorpios redirection is the key. That and constant reassurance of how much you love them. Finally, it would really help to know what your Zodiac Sign is. That way, I can take a look at how the 2 signs best communicate and interact. Yes having a Scorpio son is tough! You are most welcome! It is doubly tough when parent and child are both water signs.

Scorpio Child — Scorpio Parent

But, as a Cancer, you are so, so gentle and sensitive. Just remember to use your shell as a shield when your little Scorpio child wants to sting!

The Best Moms According To Their Zodiac Signs

And, you can always turn over your crab shell and use it as a margarita glass! Very interesting! Her dad is an Aries and my 7 year old son child from a previous relationship is a Libra.

What can I expect with these personality traits? Oh, Zing! You can expect the most amazing relationship with your daughter! We had one of those relationships you see in movies. We were so connected it was out of this world! Scorpio and Aries can tend to go head-to-head and likely your Libra son will always want to play the peacemaker.

However, Scorpios and Libras love fiercely so there will likely be tons of love in your home! My son was born on November 22 at p.

Is he a Scorpio or Sagittarius or a cusp of the two? He has a Lot of energy, questions non stop and talks non stop too and I mean really non stop because he talks to himself while playing too. Generally speaking, the closer it is to midnight, the more one might inherit the personality and traits of both signs. On the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius is a challenge for any parent.

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On the one hand, Scorpio loves the deep waters of everything. On the other hand, Sagittarius just wants to party! Good luck!